Girls’ Youth Football


Continuing a trend since the mid-1980s, football is by far the most favorite sport in the United States. According to the Harris Poll, when you couple both NCAA and NFL football, it is considered the top sport by 46 percent of all fans 18 and over.Girls' Youth Football  So it would make sense, then, that girls would want to get in on all the excitement. And not just by watching and cheering.  But by starting their own girls’ youth football leagues.

Women’s football teams have existed in various forms since the mid-1900s. Eventually girls started to play on their boys’ high school and college teams, often as kickers. If a football outlet didn’t exist, some girls who wanted to be football players took their athleticism elsewhere and became stars in other sports. (Hint: The WNBA.)

That isn’t necessary anymore. Now girls’ football leagues are popping up. And girls are playing with greater frequency on boys’ teams.

And now a high school in Ottawa, Canada has a co-ed football team.  You read that correctly: the coach actively recruited girls to play football.

We applaud the efforts of the adults and kids who have started these leagues. If you are interested in starting a girls’ league in your area, please contact us and we’ll help you get in touch with someone who can give you encouragement and a roadmap to success.

If you already have a league and we don’t have you listed, please let us know you are out there!

In the meanwhile, check out these leagues and look through our lineup of articles covering news and trends in girls’ youth football.

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