Division 2 National Conference Semifinal

Columbus Comets vs Detroit Dark Angels

-Michael Burmeister

In the second Women’s Football Alliance Division 2 National Conference Semifinal, the Great Lakes’ fiercest rivalry is renewed once more as the #2 seed Columbus Comets (6-2, 4-1 D2) make the 207-mile trip north on I-75 in the rubber match against the team which has all the makings of their new archrivals, the #3 seed Detroit Dark Angels (6-2, 3-2 D2), playing their first posteason game since 2012 and looking to take their #FTWTour2019 all the way to Colorado!

All-time series: Tied 3-3

Points: Comets 118, Dark Angels 83

Meeting of the year: Third

Last meeting: The Comets won 40-16 on June 8 in Columbus.

Thoughts on the Dark Angels: I think it’s safe to say that this year’s #FTWTour2019 has been a resounding SUCCESS so far…with Head Coach Keith Thomas in charge, the Dark Angels have looked absolutely strong in EVERY game of theirs, placed nine players (including four to the First Team) on the All-American team, and secured their first playoff berth in seven years, bringing back SO many happy memories of the Demolition’s dominance in the “Oh-Ohs”! Of course, the DDA fam knows that now is just the beginning and that they’re ready to create their OWN legacy…that loss to the Comets left a SOUR taste in their mouths last weekend, but it may be EXACTLY what they need, as now they know what they did right and wrong and are DEAD-SET on gettin’ some good ol-fashioned payback to fuel this tour bus on a SERIOUS drive to the big game in Colorado!

Thoughts on the Comets: It appears that life has only three certainties; death, taxes, and the Columbus Comets being one of the prime D2 playoff contenders. This year proved to be no exception, as the Comets went 4-1 against D2 competition and landed ten players onto the All-Americans team (including two to the First Team). Though some may be upset about the Comets going on the road for this one, long as Hank Patterson’s at the helm, there’s NOTHING to worry about…the Comets are ready to get this first-round win on the road just as they did in ’16 and ’18, and this time are ready to make this be the fuel they need to make it all the way to the Colorado Mines campus (and get that long-eluded National Championship!)

The questions are: Will the Dark Angels give the Comets another harsh #WelcometotheDarkside and put themselves within two games of making the Motor City “Titletown” again? Or will the Comets’ #OneTeamOneUnitdeliver them their first win in Detroit since 2013 and put themselves within two games of that long-awaited title?