Division 2 Conference Championship

-Michael Burmeister

American Conference Mile High Blaze v St. Louis Slam

In the 2019 WFA D2 American Conference Championship, we witness a showdown between two of my VERY favorite teams to cover, as the three-time Pacific Region Champions Mile High Blaze (8-1, 1-0 D2) make the 852-mile trek out west, looking to set up the ultimate home game two weeks from now by getting redemption for 2017 against the three-time National Champions St. Louis Slam (9-0, 3-0 D2), themselves seeking to reclaim the title for which they were never defeated.

All-time series: Slam lead, 1-0

Points; Slam 43, Blaze 21

Last meeting: The Slam defeated tbe Blaze 43-21 in St. Louis on July 8, 2017 in that year’s D2 American Conference Championship.

Meeting of the year: Only

Thoughts on the Blaze: Over the past few years, the Blaze have been a CONSTANT power in the women’s football world, helping to turn what was once an untapped market into a hotbed for the game and the epicenter of this year’s women’s football seasons. Playing in their third consecutive American Conference Championship thanks to a THRILLING come-from-behind 30-22 victory over the iconic Houston Power in the conference semis two weeks ago, the Blaze return to the very same field where they suffered that heartbreaking defeat in the 2017 Conference Championship. EVERY SINGLE BIT OF ENERGY THEY HAVE RIGHT NOW is focused on THIS game, on making the third time the charm, and on setting the stage for the big game in front of their home crowds at Colorado Mines!

Thoughts on the Slam: Though the Slam are still EVERY BIT as great as in the 2016 and 2017 National Championship seasons (and are as strong a team on the sidelines and off the field as they are in the game), don’t believe for a MOMENT they’re taking any of their opponents for granted, as they demonstrated two weeks ago in a 16-8 victory over the Minnesota Vixen, the closest game they’ve ever played against their D2 peers. As the rest of D2 keeps getting stronger, the Slam stay prepared for EVERYTHING which may come their way-no DOUBT they will be ready for a revenge-hungry Blaze and everything they have to bring. Yes indeed, this game will be truly AMAZING!

The questions are: Will the Blaze handle their #2019UnfinishedBusiness by picking up the biggest win in team history, ending the Slam’s reign over D2 and setting up the biggest home game in team history in Golden? Or will the Slam keep doing what they do best, emerge triumphant and set up the grand finale of the #QuestforFour in Colorado?

National Conference Pittsburgh Passion vs. Detroit Dark Angels

In the 2019 WFA D2 National Conference Championship, two teams from historically strong markets both seek to punch their ticket to the big game in Colorado, as the Detroit Dark Angels (7-2, 4-2 D2) prepare for their most crucial stop on the #FTWTour2019 yet, as they make the 281-mile trip east on I-80 seeking redemption against the three-time National Champions Pittsburgh Passion (7-2, 5-0 D2), themselves looking to set the stage for their fourth natty (and first in the WFA).

All-time series: Passion lead 7-0

Points: Passion 353, Dark Angels 43

Meeting of the year: Second

Last meeting: The Passion bested the Dark Angels 35-16 on May 25 in Detroit.

Thoughts on the Dark Angels: The #FTWTour2019 keeps on rolling through as the Dark Angels continue their redemption run, enjoying the turbo-boost in momentum from their 24-8 home win over their archrivals the Columbus Comets in the conference semifinal two weeks ago. Yes indeed, these are the new glory days for Motor City women’s football-but one more MAJOR step lies between the DDA fam and the big game in Golden. If the Dark Angels can avenge their regular-season loss to the Passion, they will silence EVERY SINGLE doubter which may remain while setting the stage to make Motown into Titletown once again.

Thoughts on the Passion: One of the most consistently strong teams in women’s football (both on and off the field), the Passion are EVERY bit as dominant in D2 as they were in D1, most recently demonstrating their skill in a 41-6 victory over the New York Wolves two weeks ago in the regional semifinal. Yes, this is by far most successful season the Passion have had as a WFA team-but the Passion are not taking ANY team in their way for granted, even (actually, especially) a team they knocked off in the regular season…if the Passion can do what they did last month, they will be in PERFECT position to win #4 in Colorado Mines.

The questions are: Will the Dark Angels knock off the Passion for the first time ever and get themselves in perfect position to win it all in Colorado? Or will history repeat itself once more, with the Passion officially setting the stage to “go for four” in Golden?