Division 3 Conference Championship:

-Michael Burmesteir

National Conference: Orlando Anarchy vs. Columbus Vanguards

In the 2019 Women’s Football Alliance D3 National Conference Championship, we once again head to Central Florida for what is sure to be ANOTHER classic showdown, as the Northeast Region Champions Columbus Vanguards (6-3, 6-1 D3) make the thousand-mile trip for the biggest game in their history, as they look to dethrone the current, reigning and defending D3 National Champions Orlando Anarchy (8-1, 3-0 D3), themselves looking to establish themselves as a dynasty with a third straight trip to the national title game.

This is the first time the Vanguards and the Anarchy have ever played against each other.

Thoughts on the Vanguards: Starting off as professional odds-defiers from one of the smallest markets in women’s football, the Vanguards have now become a certified D3 POWERHOUSE, withstanding EVERY storm which came their way two weeks ago as they bested the Maine Mayhem 14-0 in the Northeast Region Championship (the first game they’ve ever played in their hometown). One step away from Colorado, the Vanguards now look to make the BIGGEST of their several statement wins yet-if they can knock off the defending champs in their own home, the ‘Guards will be a team MANY people are gonna pick to raise that trophy high on the Colorado Mines 50-yard line.

Thoughts on the Anarchy: Over the course of this season, the Anarchy have played like the defending national champions they are, looking EVERY bit as dominant this season as they did in last year’s title run. However, as long as the Masseys decide placement, the Anarchy will NEVER be complacent nor take a single game for granted, as they showed in their 43-8 road rout over the higher-seeded Derby City Dynamite two weeks ago. Enjoying home field advantage once more, the Anarchy face perhaps their grittiest opponent of their conference championship matchups…if the Anarchy can continue their heroics for their third straight National Conference championship, VERY few will dare pick against them when they look to back it back-to-back natties in Colorado.

The questions are: Will the Vanguards have their finest hour as they knock off the champs, securing their chance to become the team that brings home Indiana’s first women’s football national championship? Or will the Anarchy show once more how strong #CoryStrong and #JahquiStrong are, setting the stage to complete the defense of their crown and establish themselves as one of the game’s immortal dynasties?

American Conference: Nevada Storm vs. Mississippi Panthers

In the 2019 WFA D3 American Conference Championship, the finest teams from the Magnolia State and the Silver State face off seeking a trip to Colorado, as the Midwest Region Champions, Jackson’s Mississippi Lady Panthers (4-3, 4-3 D3) make the long 2,000+-mile trip to the desert, looking to follow up their biggest win in team history by picking up the upset against the Pacific Region Champions, Reno’s Nevada Storm (8-1, 8-0 D3), who themselves are many’s favorites to win the whole thing.

This is the first time the Panthers and Storm have ever played each other.

Thoughts on the Panthers: After losing two close games to their in-state rivals the Mississippi Royalty in the regular season, the Panthers, in the biggest statement win they’ve made in this amazing season, stood triumphant in Hattiesburg this time around, their dominant 40-14 victory securing the Midwest crown and turning EVERY eye on them. Though their trip is by far the longest any team has made in the playoffs thus far, the Panthers have that indomitable fighting spirit which the Arkansas Wildcats had two years prior when they survived the 2,200 mile, 32-hour road trip to Southern Oregon to upset the Ladygades en route to the National Championship! If the Panthers can secure this MAJOR upset victory over D3’s top-rated team, it will be EXTREMELY difficult to count them out in the big game in Golden.

Thoughts on the Storm: Though it may be their first season back in the WFA, the Storm are NOT showing any difficulties whatsoever adjusting to the change; as the top-rated team in D3, they have looked near-UNSTOPPABLE, as we most recently saw in their dominant 36-0 shutout over in-state rivals the Sin City Trojans. Nonetheless, the Storm know that they can NOT overlook ANYBODY in their way, so they will CONTINUE to play their A-game against this team from Jackson…if they keep doing what they do best, they will be many’s odds-on favorites to bring the Silver State its very first national title.

The questions are: Will the Panthers pick up their second road upset in a row, having the biggest upset of the season as their fuel for the big one at Colorado Mines? Or will the Storm stay as dominant as ever, sending a message to the winner of the National Conference Championship that they’ll be in for the fight of their lives in Colorado?