2017 Women’s World Championship


The Women’s Football Alliance is proud to announce that 42 of its players were selected for the U.S. National Team roster as it travels to British Columbia, Canada this June to defend its championship. The U.S. team will practice in Seattle, WA in advance of the Women’s World Championships, an event organized by the International Federation of American Football.

Read the WFA press release and see the WFA players participating in the event.

The 2017 WWC is the third IFAF women’s event and the first that has been held outside of Europe. The first two events, in 2010 and 2013, were held in Sweden and then Finland, respectively.

Six countries are participating in the event, which will showcase the top women football players from around the world. Teams include the two-time champion United States, Finland, Great Britain, Australia, Mexico, and host Canada. Team Australia is coached by former WFA player and former Arizona linebacker coach, Dr. Jen Welter.

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Please check back for more WWC information as our season progresses.

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Watch the video below to meet the players of Team USA!